A Call To Arms

I am not a huge fan of blogging but here it goes. A while back I went to my first Yankees game with my friend Ryan Dillon. I grew up everything Yankees but never got a chance to go. The year I did go I hear something coming from the right field wall. It was this clapping and some guy yelling player’s names. Using the power of the Internet I searched and found out who it was. It was Bald Vinny, from that point on I made it a point to sit in Section 39/ now 203.

Years went by and always getting 5-10 games in each year I stayed in that section unless someone else bought tickets. As many as you know I have my own side gig build sites and apps. Nothing big but a hobby I enjoy and love doing.

Last year I bought myself a Swisher Salute shirt. The shirt coming from Bald Vinny at his stand in front of Billy’s Sports Bar.

During the spring of 2011 BV sent a call out on his Twitter page for a Web Developer. I responded instantly and introduced myself on Opening Day 2011. We began working together and about a month later the site was revamped. It was a chance for me to build my brand.

I helped as much as possible over the 2011 Season and even got to meet some Yankee players at a benefit that my dad and I attended.

I was recently informed that BV was shutting down. Calling it quits as the roll call leader and moving on. As Gary Vaynerchuck says “family first.” I completely understand but do I want him back next year? Absolutely. I almost gave up my side business a few weeks ago but I gave myself a few days off, relaxed, and got right back into the saddle and said to myself never give up and chase the dream.

I hope the Yankees realize they are loosing a TRUE fan if Vinnie does not return in the future. It really is a shame to loose such a great fan and an awesome entrepreneur.



P.S. Buy a shirt: section203.com




Yankees Pre-Sale

I enjoy baseball ALOT and so does my dad. I am a bigger fan than he is, but we enjoy our time together when we attend baseball games. We decided few years ago to get local Staten Island Yankee tickets that quality us for New York Yankee Pre-Sale tickets.

So every year I get the same email from the Staten Island Yankees about the Pre-Sale:

Dear Craig,

The New York Yankees are the most recognized sports franchise in the world.  Therefore, the wait to purchase tickets to a game at Yankee Stadium is really, really long.  Good news…


In recognition of your continued participation and support, you get an exclusive opportunity that not too many get: first dibs at New York Yankees tickets — before the general public.

Yup! That is not a typo.

As a Staten Island Yankees season ticket holder, you get the exclusive opportunity to purchase New York Yankees tickets on Wednesday, March 9, 2011, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. — before they go on sale to the general public on Friday, March 11, 2011.  To purchase tickets during the presale, go to yankees.com/schedule.

Prior to purchasing tickets during any scheduled Pre-On-Sale, you will be required to enter a password. The password will be limited to use on your designated Pre-On-Sale date, as set forth above, ONLY. Please make certain that you enter the password exactly as it appears on the screen because the password is case sensitive. Your password for the Pre-On-Sale is X.

TICKET LIMITATIONS: The following Ticket limits are per person and shall apply to all purchases: (i) four (4) Tickets to the Opening Day Game; (ii) eight (8) Tickets to each of the Premium Games*; and (iii) nineteen (19) Tickets to each designated game, other than premium games.

*The term “premium games” is defined as the Opening Day game, the Old-Timers’ Day game and all home games played against the Boston Red Sox and New York Mets.

To complete a transaction, you will be required to either create a new Ticketmaster account or login using your existing “My Ticketmaster” account. If you already have a “My Ticketmaster” account, please use your existing “My Ticketmaster” account and associated e-mail address and password to login. If you are not sure of your “My Ticketmaster” account login and password, please contact Ticketmaster or follow the Ticketmaster online instructions for “Forgot Password.”

For guests with visual impairments and/or who are blind, if you have any difficulties navigating the Pre-On-Sale purchasing process via ticketmaster.com, please contact the Yankees’ Office of Disabled Services at (718) 579-4510 (voice) or (718) 579-4595 (TTY).

All Ticket purchases are subject to availability, as determined by the Yankees in its sole and absolute discretion, at the time of purchase. Orders exceeding the assigned respective Ticket limits will be canceled without contact from Ticketmaster or the Yankees.

Time, opponent, date and club rosters and lineups, including the New York Yankees’ roster and lineup, are subject to change.


Just follow the attached directions to buy your tickets to see the New York Yankees begin their chase for World Championship No. 28 — before everyone else.

Thank you!

This morning I tried plugging away at the Yankees site at 10AM. I was ready at 9:55 with coffee in hand and fired up multiple browsers and computers to get my hand on at least one game for the upcoming season. You know what I got: This “Sorry, No Exact Matches Were Found, But Other Tickets May Still Be Available” How is this a pre-sale? This is horseshit! The tickets I did find started at 350.00 a ticket. I’m sorry I don’t have 700.00 to blow on a game. I really think the Yankee did their fans dirty this year and cater more the Season Ticket Holder. What ever happened to the days that you could bring a bunch of friends to a game and not spend a fortune? It was not that hard to get JETS tickets.

Im seriously pissed.

Staten Island Music Part I

This has been brewing inside of me for a while now. I’m tired of people making negative comments about Staten Island. If you do not like it here then please leave. We will not miss you. Recently someone said to “Everything that comes out of Staten Island is crap.” I disagree 100%. Since my so-called celebrity status with my company, CarusoApps I have been exposed to new music starting living outside of the bubble that many of us live in these days. I am going to take 5 bands below and give you a reason why Staten Island is more than just “The Dump”.

Avon Junkies: I have highlighted these guys and gal before in a previous post and I had to recap them again. If you are not familiar with this band, then you have to attend one of their concerts. As soon as the first note plays to the last note of one of their concert this is nothing but a pure adrenaline rush to your ears. With the release of “Eddie Said” they brought on Aries, a rapper from the North Shore, and he definitely knows how to represent Staten Island and make us proud.

Ghosts of Eden: One the way to see Something Corporate I had a chance to listen to their album and I was blown away. Imagine Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters had a baby and you have Ghosts of Eden. Their tagline “…do you believe in Ghosts?” is just awesome and they know how to present themselves with their music. I highly suggest you check out their upcoming shows in 2011.

The Higher Concept: I’m not a huge rap fan but this band makes it different. They add trumpets and some awesome vocals that are not the norm. The lyrics in each song have a message that can be reflected in anyone’s life. One particular line that repeats in my head over and over is “Every time I wake up to live another day, life’s good”

Les Vinyl: These guys know how to rock an Apple Store. I had the chance to see them live in the Apple Store in Staten Island and the crowd was signing along to their song. Casey, the lead singer, even p a little Will Smith into one of their songs. It’s not every day you see a band “Get Jaggy With It” in an Apple Store.

Christina LaRocca & Heavy Weather: I had a chance to meet Christina at a local Staten Island music event. I never heard her music before so I went home and took a look. Try to picture a jazz scene with a girl on a guitar. It’s really is something different and under appreciated by many.


Part II coming shortly with even more bands to rock your socks off!

So-Called Social Media Experts

I don’t get mad easily. It would take something huge to push me over the edge. I think I finally found my breaking point but since joining the “Social Media World” and learning new things, from Facebook to Twitter to fan pages to hashtags. I learned all this ‘stuff’ on my own and learning from others that I trust. Some people still don’t get it and that’s fine. To Each His Own. It is a lot to learn/know and be really good at it.

What really bothers me are these so-called Social Media Experts. Social Media has been around for a while but you can’t be an expert in something when there are multiple ways of doing something. I love when I was starting my company that these ‘experts’ came knocking on my door and spamming my inbox to help me. You have 40,000 followers ok and…? Tweeting the same link over and over does not make you an expert! I do not need your DM’s in my inbox about stupid links or telling me how good you are. I really wished Twitter would really look into these Social Media accounts and ban them!

Some Social Media accounts are real but since they have a huge following it’s very hard to get an @ reply from them. Those accounts being @garyvee and @petershankman. Those guys are great and know their stuff and you can learn a lot from them. @garyvee is a huge J-E-T-S fan and a wine god. @petershankman is the founder of HARO (Help A Reporter Out).

Sometimes I get so fed up and bothered with all the spam that  I want to reply to the person and give them a piece of my mind in 140 characters or less. I’m sorry but that’s how I feel. I might be wrong in writing this post but I think these Social Media Experts need to go away.

I don’t want to be 100% negative in this post because I know some social media people who do a top-notch job in anything they do. I have the pleasure of knowing them personally and can say that they are the real experts:

@TravelingAnna: This young lady from Staten Island loves her travels and can blog about anything. Traveling to Africa or getting exotic spa treatments, she loves it all. She has a massive following and will respond to you. I have seen her work over the past few years and I have to bow to her accomplishments

@ChrisDaps: Another Staten Island native and New York Mets fan. This gentleman can run your social media account with his eyes closed. From Daps.tv to Alberto’s Ristorante he definitely knows what he is doing and I’m excited to work with him on multiple projects/accounts.

@AvonJunkies: This frontman for Avon Junkies has over 4,000 followers on his account. He started #SlightyRandomTweetTuesday and so my twitter stream explodes on Tuesdays. From promoting his band, Avon Junkies or his clothing line, Big Junk. He is absolutely a social media frontman in my book.

@locallylove: I had the pleasure of meeting this young lady a few months ago at a Meetup Event. She definitely knows what she is doing. She is very smart and knows how to run with the Twitter game. If Twitter was baseball, she definitely just hit a grand slam.

In closing I wish the above people great success in 2011 with Social Media and hopefully the ‘experts’ fade into black and never come back.



Its been forever since I wrote on here so I’m going to make a commitment to write at least 3 times a week in 2011. 2010 ended on a good note but I can do better. We all can do better. I have been reading a lot of social media stuff recently and I have learned that if you want to be successful in live you have to “push” yourself to better at what you do.

Lazy people do not and will not success in today’s world. I have been dealing with a lot of people lately and all of them are the best at what they do. If you get lazy, you will fail as the other guy will take that one day and trump you. It’s true. Go out their live your passion and Crush It!

You can do anything you want. Everyone has the passion inside of them. If you for one second think you can’t do then you failed already.

Watch this and then let me know how you feel:

It’s Been A While

So its been a month since I updated this thing. I have been quite busy with alot of “stuff” going on that so I finally decided to take a vacation. As I write this Im relaxing and watching Good Will Hunting. I think I need to take more vacation days and enjoy vacation time I have.

Since the last time I published I have:

Been published on the front cover of AWE http://www.silive.com/entertainment/recreation/index.ssf/2010/07/staten_islands_upstart_compute.html

Gone to 5 concerts

Got a plug on the radio

Been in contact with businesses for more iPhone apps

Working with http://thebachelorbible.com/

So I have been busy. It’s like my calendar is booked every night with “things to do”. As I do all these things and I have fun doing all of them and I’m at a young age to do what I want and to be successful early there is still something I’m missing,

I really don’t know what to say and not sure how to say it but it’s like something is missing. I know it is deep down. I guess I just have to keep pushing forward until I find that thing that is missing.

I just hope the things I do now pay off in the end.

What Do You Want To Do Before You Die?

So last year I started to watch The Buried Life on MTV. 4 Teens who set out to complete 100 things before they die. Simple. Not At All.

Their List is here: http://www.theburiedlife.com/thelist/

I have my own little list but I feel it to be personal goals and to say WOW I did this. Here are a few:

1)Go Skydiving.

2)Start my own ompany

3)Be in a Newspaper Article.

4)Smile More.

I have a few more personal ones that I won’t get into until that “day” comes.

Now My Question To You: What Do You Want To Do Before You Die?

My Next Project

As many of you may or may not know I am a huge Coheed and Cambria Fan. My friend,Ryan Dillon, got me into them a few years back and the music is just awesome. The words that Claudio sings have so much meaning to me and it has so much meaning to him in the mythos he creates.

I won’t really explain the mythos here but a recent song line means a lot to me:

This is not your playground, it’s my… heart!

Just wow. Think about it. It has some meaning to everyone in some way possible.

As I think about all this I think my next project would be creating a small 10 minute movie and developing my own mythos. I’m still trying to put the screenplay together in my head and then on paper but I think this is something I want to do and have completed sometime in 2011.

First and Foremost

First and foremost I would like to thank @locally for encouraging me to create this. I had a blog once before but I gave up on it so here I am again to spew my rants and words of wisdom from Staten Island.

As The Joker said in The Dark Knight: and here we go…

Being a single 25 year old male from Staten Island I have learned alot over the years.The one thing I have learned is ” YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU BUT YOUR MIND TO”. I never thought at 25 I would be working full time as a Web Engineer and running my own side business. I will admit I’m not making millions but we (the company) are doing awesome things together. I will be featured in the paper this week and we will be working with the Lakewood Blueclaws next week.

Some people just live life day to day and that’s it. I refuse to live like that. I want to make an impact,I want to change things,I want to be known. This carusoapps.com stuff is the first stepping stone in me building my own personal business.

It’s pretty exciting and amazing at the same time. So I personally would like to thank anyone/everyone who has helped me along the way.

If you build it, they will come


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